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------ Linking Back ------

If you'd like to link back to Iridescence you can choose from one of the three banners below. Just copy and paste the html into you're page and your good to go!  This way, when I have a new site layout, you will know because the image will change on your site too ^_~

------ My Other Galleries ------

You can see more of my artwork
at my other galleries on the web below:

[ Elfwood Gallery ]
[ Epilogue Gallery ]
[ DeviantART Gallery ]

-------------- Artist Friends/Family --------------

Emily Warren
Shannon Hibdon

Julia Denny

Black Lotus Productions

-------------------- Other Artists --------------------

Christian Riese Lassen

Freitag Samstag Cubic


Yi Lee

Evil Shao

Blue Essence

Keith Parkinson

Josephine Wall

[ Lost in a Reverie ]

------------------ Link Exchenges ------------------

Fallen Angel

.::AquaSpirits ~ Lennys Barboza`s Art Page::.

-------------------- Art Related --------------------


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