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------ Commissions / Services ------

Current Commissions Status
(Commissions are listed in the order in which they were requested, and those closer to the top of the list normally take highest priority) - (queued commissions have not been started on or are only in the sketch stages)
Name and/or Description of Commission Completion Percentege
1. "Alexander" Character Drawing 85%
2. "Ta'Lyn" Message Board Signature 60%
3. "" Site Graphic 60%
4. "Mary Sue" Character/Site Graphic 8%
5. "Satyne" Character Drawing queued
6. "Glass Maiden" Stencil Design/Misc. Drawing queued
7. "Faeries" Cover Image/Character Drawing queued
8. "Jing Kitiri" Message Board Signature queued
9. "Nhem" Message Board Signature queued
10. "Unicorn & Maiden" Misc. Drawing queued
11. "Rayne's Character" Character Drawing queued
12. "" Race Portrait Icons queued
13. "Orion & Destiny" Misc. Drawing queued
14. "Rival Comics" Misc. Artwork queued

I am available for commissioning in the areas of character portraits/drawings, character designs, message board signature/avatar, graphic design, and web designs, or if you would just like a picture drawn for whatever other reason.  Currently all images will be sent to you via email only.  Eventually prints and/or original commissions sent through the mail will be also available.  Think you would like a commissioned picture from me? If so, feel free to send me an email with your ideas and other details based on the charts and rates below.  My email is:


------ Payment and Transaction details ------

After I have emailed you a small sample version(s) of your completed image or web design, and you are satisfied with the way it came out, you can send your payment to my Paypal account username.  It is:
After I have recieved the payment, I will send you your high resolution version via email (message board signatures come no larger than 500 x 250 pixels).


Pencil Sketch
Inked Lines
Cell Shaded
Fully Rendered
+ BG
Character Drawing  $15 $20 $35 $40 +$10
Misc. Drawing $20 $25 $40 $45 +$10
Message Board Signature $15  -  Any Style (6)
Other If you would like me to design something not listed here, contact me and we can discuss a price quote.
You Own Full Rights Original Price (x2)  - (7)


* Note that all finished images sent to the client will not contain copyright watermarks.  Instead the copyright info will be in tiny text in the lower left or right corner. (Please do not remove the copyright or re-sell these images)

1. A detailed pencil sketch of your character or image.  The sketch will be scanned and emailed to you in a high resolution (large).  [ example ]

2. An ink outlined image using Rapideograph pen or felt tip pen.  It will be scanned and emailed to you in a high resolution (large).  [ example ]

3. A piece outlined in ink and shaded using solid colors like you see in cartoons, Disney movies, and anime.  All cell shading will be done in Adobe Photoshop.  The final version will be emailed to you in a high resolution (large).  [ example ]

4. A piece that is fully shaded using various airbrush and paintbrush tools in Adobe Photoshop.  Black outlines are optional.  Again, the final version of the image will be emailed to you in a high resolution (large). [ example 1, example 2 ]

5. All images, besides message board avatars, will be on a solid color or very simple background of your choice unless you specify an actual environmental background which will cost $10 extra.  The background will be done in the same style as the style of image you specify from the 4 choices above. If your object that you want me to draw is a landscape or environment itself, without a character or other objects, then it is the same price as a misc. drawing without a background.  Lettering can be added to any of the options above with no extra charge.  [ example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4 ]

6. A message board signature is a small image (no larger than 500 x 250 pixels) which usually appears underneath each message posted by a message board roll player.  I will do these small images in any style listed above (if it is fully rendered, there will always be an inked outline).  [ example ]

7. If you would like to purchase the full copyrights for the image (in other words full printing rights, etc.) then the price will be twice the original price. 
[ example:  One fully rendered character portrait originally worth $40 will be doubled to $80 with the purchase of full rights ]


Site layout (not spliced)
Site layout (spliced with table and/or iframe)
Complete Layout with pages & content
Cost $30 $40 $80


* Note that all web layouts will be designed for use with an inline frame or regular frames.

1. An image created in Adobe Photoshop which includes all of the content required in the site layout including title, main menu, images, etc.  This image can then be spliced (or cut) into pieces by you with any kind of image manipulation program and placed in your web page in whatever way that you think is best. [ example ]

2. This is exactly like option 1 except that I do the image splicing and place the images into a table and/or frames to create a pleasing index page layout for you.  Then you are free to add your own content (text, images, more web pages, etc) that suits your liking. [ example ]

3. This includes all aspects of options 1 and 2 except that I also do everything else necessary to complete your site.  This includes typing all content, adding hyperlinks, and making all of the web pages ( a maximum of 6 ) and anything else that will make the website complete.  I currently only use html and cascading stylesheets for these pages.  I do not make flash websites.


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