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Jack from Legend - 1986: (oekaki board)

Title: Jack (from the 1986 movie LEGEND)
Medium: Oekaki Board @
Comments: I have always loved the Movie Legend.  I first saw it when I was around
12 years old and knew instantly that I simply had to buy the movie and the soundtrack *_*.
Unicorns and fantasy always were and always will be two of my very favorite things, and that
movie has both!  Oh, and did I mention that it has Tom Cruise too hehe, another plus.  Anyway,
this pic was so fun to do because of my interest in that movie.  I drew it from a photo
reference and added in my own purple lighting and glowing floaty things.
Maybe sometime I will draw a pic of Lilly and Darkness too ^_^.

All artwork on this page is copyright 2003 Michelle D. Hoefener.
The character, Jack, is  copyright 1986 William Hjortsberg.
All rights reserved.  Questions? Please see my FAQ Section.