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Title: Lady Jay Jaspie
Medium: Ink/Digital: Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and mouse 
Comments: I was inspired to draw this pic one day after I had attended a Missouri
State University Football game in Columbia Missouri with Y-chan.  I'm not a fan of football,
so to fight off the boredom, we brought along drawing utensils and started drawing football
mascots for fun. This one in particular is for my High School: JCHS.  The normal mascot is a male
red jay bird named Jasper, but I decided that not all of my high school is male, so I drew a
female version to represent the lady jays ^_~  I'm not quite sure why it is in the rough,
unfinished section.  I guess it may be because I thought
I maybe should have added in more detail...

All artwork on this page is copyright 2003 Michelle D. Hoefener.
All rights reserved.  Questions? Please see my FAQ Section.