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Title: Spectral Slumber
Medium: Felt tip pen and watercolor pencils
with water applied with brush. 
Comments: This pic was inspired because I never really did get very good with
watercolor-like techniques in my opinion, or at least not as good as I would like to be.
Because of that, I wanted to practice a little, and see if I could achieve something that
looked half way decent.  I do really like this one, though the paper curled and bumped
up since it was nothing more than standard printer paper ^^;;  It seems like I get pretty
close to finishing a pic, and then never really do because I get bored of it or whatever
else... maybe it's a physiological thing? meh... ~_~

All artwork on this page is copyright 2003 Michelle D. Hoefener.
All rights reserved.  Questions? Please see my FAQ Section.