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Title: Revolutionary Girl: Utena
Medium: Linework done in Adobe Photoshop with Pablo 6x8 tablet
Comments: This was a the lineart of a fanart I originally drew to collaborate with Y-chan
with to compete in a contest to win the Utena box set.  I'm actually not much of a fan
of the movie itself, just the look and style of it...  girl and girl stuff just is not my thing
~_~.  I like the series much better than the movie because of that: Utena is with Touga
a male instead of Anthy a female... Anyway, Y-chan colored it for her side of the deal,
but I couldn't get a chance to get it printed and to the post
office before the deadline.  Oh well.

All artwork on this page is copyright 2003 Michelle D. Hoefener.
All rights reserved.  Questions? Please see my FAQ Section.