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Welcome to MDH Designs: The Artwork of Michelle D. Hoefener

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Black & Violet Black & Peach Black & Azure SciScape
New Cooperative and Rough/Unfinished
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Aug. 24, 03
I know, it has been quite a long time since my last update, but have no fear ^^;; Version Purity is here! er, that was cheezy... I plan on uploading a number of new pictures to the galleries within the next few days. Hope you like the new lighter layout ^_~.
July. 28, 03
New art link exchange: AquaSprits: in the links section.
July. 20, 03
I slightly tweaked the links section and also added a number of new links there.
July. 4, 03
I now have prints of some of my artwork available to buy in my shiney new E-Store! ^_^ However, I currently can only ship prints to residents of the US, not including Hawaii, Canada, and anywhere else that would require air mail.
July. 2, 03
Minor update today: combined the splash page with the main page.
July. 1, 03
New "Simplicity" pic added: Violet & Black. I am currently working on a Store page where my pics can be purchased and commissions will be offered. Hopefully more updates soon ^_^
Jun. 28, 03
I've finally begun offering thank you pics for hit counts ^_~. Just check the bottom of the site for the latest one to download. The next ones will be @ 7,999 and 8,000. Stay tuned for more updates... seeing that I have ALOT of time on my hands at the present time.
modification @ 6:07 PM:
I added a new section to the gallery: "Simplicity": It is a series of works I have begun creating with colors restricted to only black, white, and one other color ^_~.
Jun. 26, 03
New pic uploaded: SciScape (the theme image for the current layout ^_~) in the Fant/Sci-Fi section. Also, three new pics in the Rough/Unfinished section. Check back for more new pics and a some new web mangas...
modification @ 7:59 PM:
...added a new artist to the links section: Evil Shao. She is such a good artist and amazingly is currently only 16 *_*
Jun. 24, 03
New layout theme: Version SciScape. The finished version of the pic used in the new layout should be up soon, along with new cooperation pics and two new web mangas: one by me and one by Y-chan and me.
Jun. 22, 03
One new artist added to the links section: Chess @ L'oubli. Keep a look out for some new collab pics with Y-chan and two new web mangas, one by me and one by Y-chan and me...
Jun. 21, 03
One new artist added to the links section ^_~: Becky K @ Blue Essence. Stay tuned for some new collab pics with Y-chan and two new web mangas, one by me and one by Y-chan and me...
Jun. 12, 03
Three new images uploaded today. Two of them are shown above: Jack from Legend, and "Deep Forest". Both of these were done on Oekaki Board. The other one is in the Cooperation Section: "Blue Mermaid".
Jun. 7, 03
One new link added to the Links section: Vhea. Stay tuned for an image update later today ^_~....
Jun. 3, 03
Here lately, I've been going ballistic over doing oekaki pictures! LOL. I haven't touched photoshop in over a month! ^^;; Many new oekaki pics added to the fantasy/sci-fi, rough/unfinished, Cooperation, and miscelleneous sections! There will probably be many more where these came from in the near future! ^_~ ... I have also decided to take down my anime/manga section since I no longer draw much of that style and rarely update that page x.~ (perhaps it shall be resurrected someday...)
May. 27, 03
Three new oekaki/paintBBS pics added. One in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Section, one in the Cooperation Section, and one in the Rough/Unfinished Section. Also, I made Y-chan a shiney new layout for Black Lotus Productions! ...and a minor scrollbar update here ^_~.
May. 22, 03
One new oekaki/paintBBS pic added to the Cooperation section.
May. 21, 03
One new link in the Links Section: Alita. Stay tuned for more updates and a new CGed pic in the fantasy/sci-fi section ^_^.
May. 19, 03
Y-Chan is back from ACEN 2003 and will have a photo journal up soon. Check out her website at! Also, There are three new pics in the Rougn/Unfinished section. As you may have noticed, that section is updated quite often. This is because doing a quick sketch is alot easier to do than a full color high quality CG like in my other sections.
May. 17, 03
Yay, I'm officially done with high school! ^__^ That means alot more time for new pics! I've added two new sketches in the Rough/Unfinished section. I am also having full color prints of some of my pics sold at the Anime Central Convention in Illinois for the next few days, so if you'd like to buy some, keep a look out for Heather a.k.a Y-Chan who is so kindly selling them for me ^.~. You'll probably find her being a rebel and selling them in a corner somewhere next to the other official artwork selling booths XD.
May. 4, 03
I did my first oekaki drawing at Oekaki Central! It's entitled "Armed Angel" and is posted in the fantasy section.
May. 3, 03
New pic in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section: Drow Woman. I am still working on the pegasus pic that I used in this layout and should have it up soon. Stay tuned for the Misc. and Anime/Manga sections which I plan on getting up and running sometime soon.
Apr. 28, 03
A fan of my artwork got a tattoo using my "When Sprites Dream" pic!!! --> TATTOO Also, two new pics in the Cooperation section: Felonine and Drow Woman. I am almost finished with the Pegasus image that went into this layout and will have it up soon in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section. ^_~
Apr. 26, 03
I know it has only been about a month since my last layout change, but I couldn't resist XD lol. MDH Designs // version: Feathered Wings.
Apr. 19, 03
All thumbnails are working in the Rough/Unfinished section. Many new pics there too ^___^
Apr. 18, 03
New section added to the Gallery Page: Rough/Unfinished. The thumbnails in that section will be active soon...
Apr. 17, 03
Added another artist to the links section! Y-chan's artwork at Black Lodus Productions. =^..^=
Apr. 16, 03
Another small update. One new artist added to the links section! --> Fallen Angel.
Apr. 15, 03
The Cooperation section is up and working on the Gallery page finally x.x The Anime/Manga and Misc. sections should be working soon...
Apr. 5, 03
Small update tonight. One new link added to the links section: Unbounded --> My brand new netring for artists!
Apr. 1, 03
Added one new pic to the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section. This is one of my most complicated digital pics. I'm going through a slight change in my CGing style again. I had to hurry to finish it in order to submit it to the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Contest. ^_~ ::Hopes she at least earns a place::
Mar. 31, 03
Added two new artists to the links section: Josephine Wall and Keith Parkinson. Check their sites out. Their artwork is amazing! *_*
Mar. 23, 03
I'm on Spring Break now, so I finally had time to get the site back up and running after my old host,, went down. MDH Designs is now hosted by: For anyone who had a banner linked to my old site at:, please change the url to Thanks! I also have a good number of new pics uploaded and one new link in the links section, Artist: Kyla Sturgeon. ^_~

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