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Welcome to Iridescence, the artwork of
Michelle Hoefener

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------ Updates ------

[ February 18, 2004 ]
Finished another character commission today XD.

[ February 16, 2004 ]
No new pics today. Just an announcement about commissions. I just recently made some changes to my commission rates. Please note the white text that is above the price charts in that section. All current commissions on that list will be going by my old prices which can be found here. All other commissions made after February 13th 2004 will go by the new prices displayed on the services page. I hope this clears up any confusion.  Have questions? Feel free too email me.

[ February 7, 2004 ]
One message board signature/avatar commission added today ^_~. Nine more commissioned works still in progress...

[ February 6, 2004 ]
I got one of my more major commissioned pieces finished tonight. It is an image for one of Laure Granarolo's unicorn stories. You can find her stories at her website here. ::runs off to celebrate by playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:: XD

[ January 30, 2004 ]
Just some news today in the way of commissions. I currently am a little swamped with commission requests which is causing things in that area to run a little slower than usual. If you are someone who has commissioned me and are wondering why I haven't been updating you with progress on your drawing, this is most likely the reason.

If you would like a commission from me, you may still request one, but know that you will be added to the bottom of my current list and will most likely not have your drawing started until a good number of the ones above you are finished.  To see the current waiting list, check out the Services section.

[ January 24, 2004 ]
One original Fantasy image added today.  I went for a more neutral color scheme in this one and a somewhat different coloring style.

[ January 23, 2004 ]
Not much today in the way of updates... but I did add another friend/artist to my links section ^__^ Give her shiny new site a visit! FrozenLilacs.

[ January 20, 2004 ]
One new commission added to the Commissioned section and that's about it for updates today. Still a message board signature, story cover image, character portrait, and website graphic design in progress. If you are waiting on one of these, you may check the Commissions Status section of the Services section to see how close it is to completion. I hope to finish all commissions on the list ASAP. ^_~

[ January 16, 2004 ]
Added one new commission and tweaked the site a bit.  If you are waiting on a commission from me, you may check the status of it by clicking the link above ^_~.

[ January 13, 2004 ]
One new commission and one collaboration today. I also added another artist to the Links section: Tatoom City.  Two more commissions are in progress...

[ January 11, 2004 ]
A few pics uploaded today, one commission and two unfinished. Stay tuned for two more commissioned pieces to be added to the site once I have finished them within the next few updates ^_~.  I have also opened up a new gallery section: Commissioned.

[ January 1, 2004 ]
Six new images uploaded tonight. Three unfinished, two collaborations, and one commission. Happy New Year!

[ December 19, 2003 ]
Brand new layout and title. MDH Designs has now become Iridescence. Also there are many new images that have been uploaded to the galleries, and there are a few new sections added to the site too. So glad to finally update the site ^_~


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